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Power Gemstone Bracelet

This beautiful collection of energy gemstone bracelets from Gorjana is more like an experience. These are a must have. Bar measures 2" across Bracelet extends out to 9" Gemstone Natural color variance may occur Available in 18k Gold & Silver Plated
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Black Onyx for Protection

Black Onyx is considered a stone of self-mastery. It has a powerful energy that stimulates all of the senses so that you are alert, grounded and focused, thus enabling a strong field of protection.


Blue Lace Agate for self-expression.

Blue Lace Agate offers a tranquil energy that nurtures communication with your higher self, freeing up thoughts and ideas thus enabling self-expression. Genuine gemstone and golden hammered bar accent this stackable


Howlite for Calming

Howlite is a soothing stone. It has a tranquil, yet inspirational energy that allows you to experience and increased sense of calm.


Pyrite for Strength

Pyrite is considered the stone of fire, as it can be used to ignite a spark. It draws energy from the earth and acts as a shield, filling you with a renewed sense of strength.


Labradorite for Balance

Labradorite brings forth a higher awareness of yourself and those around you, adding a magical sense of balance to your life.


Iolite for Focus

Iolite is considered a stone of vision. It offers an energy that serve to bring insight and intuition to the forefront and illuminates choices to be made to enable you to focus.

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